Zen Meditation

The zen (or Zazen) meditation vary from course to course but is all about the meaning of insight and the nature of existence and is usually correlated to the study of koans (practice to provoke the “great doubt”).

The Zen meditation is practiced sit in a group in a meditation hall and the main goal is to stop all the idead, thoughts, images passing by your mind and body. Is a fantastic type of meditation because once you reached the level to suspend all the judgmental thinking and all the letting words you will eel release and in peace with the world.


Pilgrim to Tibet

When you are passionate about meditation, specially to the Zazen one, there is no best place to visit than Tibet! A little brief of my journey in May 2014 , 25th days of magic. I decided to go and visit the Hearth o Tibet with my wife and some of my meditation friends, we contacted a good Pilgrim organisation which took us to Lhasa , the Yogin Caves and to the Great Horse Year estival at Mount Kailash.

This journey took us across the boundaries of imagination, we visit soo many sacred places of the Tibetans traditions in spiritual way, we learned and lived the Buddhist culture very deep into it and all was very well organised with accomodation, guides, trasportation and to be honest this trip has been absolutely a life-reaching experience for me and my friends.

We had a lot of meditations, rituals, we attended to the lectures in some monastery explaining the origind o the meditations and all the stages, also about Buddhist Philosofy and Culture o the Tibetans.

The places we visited are Tholing Monastery, primary historical seats of the Bon, the Shangpa Kagyu monastery of Shangshong Dorjeden and Karma Kagyu.

We were very lucky because according to the Tibetan calendar, that year was the year of the horse wich the time is 12 yearlong in astrology and so we could partecipate to the Great Horse Year estival at Mount Kailash.

Wonderful experience to try at least once in life, to know more about Kora pilgrimage visit wikipedia.org.

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